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hello, i decided to join..

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hello, i decided to join..

Post by blkstrliner on Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:17 pm

whats up guys, im from southern california. I have been keeping snakes for quite a while now. I mostly keep ball bythons but i have always kept one rosy in the back ground.

i actually love them very much. i find them to be docile snakes with beautiful coloration. It also helps that rosy boas can be found locally here at my place.

i have a question and in the search for that question i saw this forum. I was excited to find a rosy boa forum but then saddened when i saw the lack of activity in here. so i said heaven i cant complain until i try to add my share.

so here i am. i do not know how to post pics or else i would show you the rosy i have now. i believe it is a coastal male.

My wifes brother worked at pet co and said some one came in and dropped off a rosy. They could not sell it so he brought it to me. I have had it for several years now and even when considering all my ball pythons the rosy is my FAV!! haha

It is a sure way to get young children interested in snakes due to its easy going nature. I work at an elementary school and have shown him around in classes. The kids love it and more importantly they learn about reptiles locally found in their neighborhoods.

so that is is my story for now. I hope this forum takes off some day.


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