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Cleaning and disinfecting a used vivarium

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Cleaning and disinfecting a used vivarium

Post by abutterbean on Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:01 pm

Hello, we just purchased a used vivarium because we learned about wood vivariums and wanted to try that out, instead of the glass aquarium that came w/a "start up" kit. We drove about an hour and a half out of town to meet someone to purchase one and while, it looked to have potential, was large enough to house her for life and seems escape-proof; it was f i l t h y!!! There was old dirty newspaper in the bottom, on which sat several large, ancient "gifts" left from the previous tenant along with a large, nasty shedding in the middle of the cage. That newspaper came out and then I noticed that luckily there's an acrylic tray that can be partially removed for good cleaning. But...the sides and top are wood and the front and back panels are plexi. How best to clean and disinfect this thing? If ever anything needed disinfecting, it's this! But, if I'm able to get it clean enough for my baby, then it will be pretty much perfect for her needs. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Cleaning and disinfecting a used vivarium

Post by Pareeeee on Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:22 pm

Best would be to get a bottle of chlorhexidine solution, great to keep on hand too for future cage cleaning. It's completely safe for reptiles (unlike bleach) and is used in veterinary practice as a mouthwash for surgery.

Can be purchased from ebay as well as other places.

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